Floor rack cabinet White for Enterprise and Commander Series
Floor rack cabinet White for Enterprise and Commander Series

Floor rack cabinet White for Enterprise and Commander Series

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Floor rack cabinet provides you additional space for up to 8U standard 19″ rack units when you need it. Floor rack unit is mobile on high-quality casters.

Our modular system allows you to upgrade your studio with additional rack space when you need it. As your studio setup grows, your studio will need to grow with it. Our floor rack cabinet adds up to eight 19″ racks to your setup. We designed the floor cabinet to easily fit under any of our desks. This one, in particular, was designed for Enterprise, Music Commander and Commander V2 series. Mobility is ensured with top quality casters which work well also on carpets. Small drawer for accessories was added to this model.

Technical specs

Made from MDF 25 mm
Up to 8 U rack space
Lacquered with Matte Finish
Mobility – high-end casters
Drawer for accessories
  • Dimensions W 550 D 490 H 665 mm / W 21.65" x D 19.29" x H 26.18"

     Note! Cage nuts and screws are not included in this package. Available as a separate item in our shop.

    Is it hard to assemble this? No, it is not! We are guiding you with step by step video assembly manual.

    Floor Rack Assembly Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    R.I (Huelva, ES)
    The price does not correspond

    unfortunately I must say that my experience was not as good as I expected. perhaps I had very high expectations for a studio furniture of +1.5K$ my order consists of a desk and two Rack Cabinets, the desk looks robust, I don't know if for the price, but it would be dishonest to say that it is wrong or that It is not of good quality, perhaps some of the accessories for the rack strips are cheap for the price of the furniture as a whole. I can't say the same about the Racks Cabinet, the material is good, yes, but the design is not right, it doesn't fit as expected, problems with the drawer... there is no manual for this, just a video of someone assembling it does not explain these types of details. We send email to support and they tell us that we must rotate the pieces, but we send evidence that even so, we did not fix the design problem... it seems that the holes of the guides come a few millimeters (several millimeters) wrongly, which It generates a height mismatch with the drawer lid that prevents it from closing normally.

    We bought two Rack Cabinets apart from the main desk, the first rack stand was assembled without problems but the drawer also does not close smoothly as expected for the price, you have to help it to close it because it drags a little up, but it closes. the second rack does not close, not even with the help of the brand's support, they tell us how to put it on, we reassemble the pieces again (with the wear and tear caused by the screw directly into the wood over and over again) and it still does not solve... .. finally we decided to do DIY to make some new screws, which ends up with the wood a little damaged by the type of material, on the inside, it is not visible on the outside, but the guides are not smooth either as expected in a rack Cabinet for this price. finally the drawer closes, with an added cost of a repair on our part, which is not normal for this type of furniture at this price. The feeling of the support is not one of abandonment, but neither is it one of assuming responsibilities with something that is not well designed and evidence is provided. As a customer, I understand that there may be design errors and I'm not guilty of it, for that you can make a return, fix it in the brand's workshop and sell it again as b-stock, so the customer who pays price A is satisfied, gets another customer who pays a price B for a fixed piece of furniture, fixed, also satisfied. We have a $350 Rack Cabinet fixed by us and it doesn't work as it should. I can't rate positively, sorry

    Dear, we tried out best to help you to assemble your Rack cabinet properly. We filmed aditional videos for you. Trying all possible to help you. We know for the fact that there is nothing wrong with it. All parts for our furniture are made using precise CNC technology so each and every part is perfectly drilled and cuted. There are hundreds of same drawers distributed worldwide and sorry but this is the first time anybody have problems with it. We at StudioDesk support are very sorry and sad for not being able to meet your expectations :(

    Gary Clark (Dundee, GB)

    Ordered a StudioDesk proline classic SL and just put it together in my studio with the help of one friend. I have to say, it was well packaged, relatively easy to assemble and this thing exudes quality. My old Argossy desk had a flat-pack feel whereas the StudioDesk feels very solid and professional.

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