Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black - side
Enterprise Electric set All Black - front
Enterprise Electric set All Black - back
Enterprise Electric set All Black - top
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black

Enterprise Electric set All Black

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Bundle set consisted of Enterprise Electric desk and Keyboard pull-out option for up to 88 keys workstation on special bundle price.

Enterprise Electric Series

Enterprise Electric is our second Sit & Stand workstation. Enterprise Electric is the same as our Classic Enterprise desk sitting on the electric adjustable platform. Your complete studio is organized around this optimized ergonomic space. With this workstation, the decision, if you are going to sit or stand this day, is a matter of the push on the button. Find the best height for you no matter your posture. This Brand new state-of-the-art design and it's features bring a new shine to your studio.  Centered Rack space with 3U rack bay is always within your reach. There are additional 1U rack spaces on each side of the rack bay. Thanks to the brand new adjustable Pull-out keyboard tray Enterprise Electric will be home for the biggest 88 key workstations on the market. Once the keyboard is in place, your keys will match piano height for the best playing experience. Pull your keyboard out when you need to play. Don't worry it goes smooth. Push it under the desk when you don't. Swivel speaker shelves can be easily moved left and right allowing you to find your perfect sweet spot. Shelves holders are designed to hold safely up to 16 kg (35 lbs) speakers. The comfortable padded armrest is available in 3 colors, Black, Wine Red, and Ferrari Red. Please check pictures in the gallery and select your preferred color during ordering. For additional colors please contact us. Cable management will hide your cables out from the site.

An RGB LED light stripe on the desk on both sides is an additional aesthetical detail serial to every desk giving you beautifully dimmed light in your studio, enhance your inspiration.

 Technical specs

  • Main desk
    Sides – Black High Gloss Piano finish
    Desk surface – Black matte finish
    Up to 5 U standard 19″ rack spaces
    Cable management under the desk
    Adjustable Electric desk platform with the controller to adjust desk height in between 77 - 120cm / 30" - 47.24"
    Interchangeable padded armrest
    Swivel speaker shelves
    Spacious monitor shelf
  • Dimensions W 1856/ D 935 H 1055/820 mm / 73.07" x D 36.81" x H 32.28" 
  • Minimum space in between Speaker shelves 1260 mm / 49" 
  • NOTE The desk is supplied with a standard EU plug in Europe and a USA plug in the USA. 
  • Keyboard Pull out tray
Corpus Black matte finish
Desk Surface Black matte finish
Adjustable in height
Mobility – Rectractable slides 
  • Dimensions W 1500 D 350 H 125/155 mm / W 59" x D 13.77" x H 4.92"/6.10"
  • Keyboard clearance in height from 125 -155 mm / 4.92" - 6.10"

Important- Please note that the weight balance on the front and back of the desk including the recommended weight of the gear is important to avoid the pendulum effect in the desk extended position. Should you not be able to balance it evenly, do not consider an in-height adjustable desk. If you are not sure, contact us for more info.  

Remark- if you planning to have 5 U rack spaces, we suggest you order optional Rack rails together with your desk order available in Accessories

Is it hard to assemble this desk? No, it is not! We are guiding you with step by step video assembly manual. 

Enterprise Electric Assembly Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
hood owl (Freiburg im Breisgau, DE)
This thing is amazing !!!

I've never seen a bigger desk
Even the height when set on max height on electric hydraulic is crazy !
& I love those LEDs with touch sensibility remote control
The strenght on the LED remote control connection is awesome ! Even if bigger objects are in the way , led still connected with the remote

Scott Cameron (Greenwich, GB)

These are beautifully designed desks. And built to last. They come on a very well constructed pallet to perfectly protect everything. But be prepared - it's big and it's heavy! I'd definitely recommend 2 people to deal with the delivery and then build. The build took two of us around 4 hours. The instructions (manual and video) were good. There had been some improvements made to the desk that weren't updated in the instructions, but it wasn't too difficult to work out what was going on. I had excellent customer service from pre-order, to order and delivery (which was fast!) and then after the order when there were a couple of small things that needed sorted relating to some missing parts. These issues were resolved quickly and without fuss and didn't stop the desk being built. Now the desk is built, I couldn't imagine living without it. It has a really compact footprint, but it's still spacious and logical. The electric legs are amazing and i have sold my chair and now just enjoy working standing up! Two iMac 27 inch monitors sit happily on the desk and my Genelec 8040's have lots of room on the swivel stands at either side. The pull out tray fits my Nord Stage 2 EX although i did remove the rear panel of the tray so I could set the keyboard a little further back as the power and jack cables didn't align with the pre-cut holes meaning I was losing valuable space between the keyboard and the back of the tray. Alternatively, I could have created some new cable holes myself. The tray supports the heavy weight of the Nord and the balance front and rear is fine with no tipping risk. The lighting package is awesome, particularly the inbuilt side panel lighting. The desk is far from the cheapest out there, but you can really tell why when you see it or work at it. All round a great experience and a very happy customer. Well done StudioDesk!

Thanks for your Review. Scott, you have to be aware that the board on the back is there to prevent bending of the main board (140 long bord under contsant pressure of the weight). By removing originaly designed parts from the desk you are taking risk and this might avoid your structural warranty. Thank you for considering installing it back and pull keyboard a bit out or even changing possition of the tips of the keyboard.
StudioDesk Team.

S.R. (Hvidovre, DK)
Enterprise Electric - 3,5 stars - high quality desk with ergonomic flaws

I had very high expectations when I finally replaced my standard (also electric) desk with this one from StudioDesk.

Build quality is very high and assembling was certainly doable, but took about a day.

I wanted this desk so I could get more space for controllers/synths by getting a keyboard shelf underneath for my MIDI keyboard. But I have found this solution to cause ergonomic problems - actually causing me shoulder pain after less than an hour of use - and this is because of two bigger issues:

- The keyboard shelf is height adjustable, but should be 3-5 cm's less in height. As it is now, it is very hard to find a good compromise where the main table doesn't get too high to comfortable operate a computer keyboard/mouse etc., and at the same time allow you to play the MIDI keyboard. Many MIDI keyboards are much less than the minimum height of 12,5 cm's (which adds up to at total of 16 cm's when you add the actual shelf's height as well), so a lower shelf of about 9-10 cm's would be better for ergomonics - and still be height adjustable up to 17 cm's. Also, making the shelf shorter, would allow it to be pushed further in when you don't need it, adding more leg room. I know this would make it accomodate shorter keyboards than the 30-35 cm's. that it does now, but I would be fine with that. Perhaps a choice of two different shelfs would be possible? One "Large" like the current one, and a "Medium" for people like me? Let me also just add that I am of average height and weight; 180 cm height, normal weight, so it's not because I can't reach the floor or my belly is in the way...:)

- Problem number two is the arm rest. While it makes SOME sense if you don't have a keyboard shelf beneath the main desk, it takes away valuable space of 9 cm's, which means you'll have to reach further when operating keyboard + mouse. Again, causing more strain on arms/shoulders since you need to more around more when switching between MIDI and computer keyboard. I imagine most people use chairs with armrests anyway since it puts less strain on your arms. Again, a choice of armest or not would have been sooooo great! Or a replacement wooden armest that fits in the cutout would actually be just as good - so you had the choice of extending the usable table area all the way out towards you or replace it with the padded arm rest.

- Third thing is a smaller niggle, but I think the middle shelf should just have accomodated 2 units of rack mounts instead of 3U, causing the middle shelf to be lower. That way you can better put your computer screen on that shelf. As it is now, putting a monitor (in my case, Dell U4021QW) there causes it to sit too high, so you have to put the monitor behind the shelf, causing it to be a bit too far away, especially with todays 4K/8K monitors which pros are leaning more and more into, to get higher resolution and more screen space. My compromise has been to push forward the foot of the monitor as far as I can without it falling over because of the front weight. Workable but could have been more elegant. Perhaps the shelf was really meant for a center monitor, but then I don't know how you would comfortably place a computer screen. I am a composer, mainly working in Logic.

For these reasons I sadly can only award the table 3-3.5 stars out of 5. I hope I will find a way to work it that doesn't become too much of a problem, ergonomically. I am getting a trackball instead of mouse and possibly a small DAW controller to be less dependent on the computer keyboard. How it works out time will tell. But I like the other aspects of the desk a lot (speaker stands, LED's, built quality, height adjustability, looks etc) a lot so I would hate to have to get rid of it because of these flaws.

PS if all of this is actually just a matter of changing habits and changing some of your kit to fit into this desk and it works out to be super great, I promise I'll get back here and re-review the desk!

Thanks for your review.
When designing the desk our main task is to make it to be usefull and being home for various different keyboards on the market as well other hardware people might install into it. Dealing with the only available space (floor - desktop), some compromises should be taken into account. Monitor screen ment to be placed on the lowered shelf behind rack top shelf to minimize the strain in the neck. The Enterprise electric desk happens to be the most sold and therefore, favourite StudioDesk® of our customers. That being said, we are trully sorry hearing that, indespite being in height adjustable desk, Enterprise Series dind't meet your expectations.

Charlie Music
Great desk. Great support

I received very hands on support before purchasing the table. It arrived on schedule and i couldnt be happier with the desk. Solid Piece.. Can only recommend.

Marco Zwick
Marco Z

I have ordered the Entreprise Electric Desk. Service was very good and the installation of the desk was easy with the detailed video by Studio Desk. Quality and design of the desk infrastructure is superb.

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