Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black

Enterprise Electric set All Black

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Bundle set consisted of Enterprise Electric desk and Keyboard pull-out option for up to 88 keys workstation on special bundle price.

Enterprise Electric Series

Enterprise Electric is our second Sit & Stand workstation. Enterprise Electric is the same as our Classic Enterprise desk sitting on the electric adjustable platform. Your complete studio is organized around this optimized ergonomic space. With this workstation, the decision, if you are going to sit or stand this day, is a matter of the push on the button. Find the best height for you no matter your posture. This Brand new state-of-the-art design and it's features bring a new shine to your studio.  Centered Rack space with 3U rack bay is always within your reach. There are additional 1U rack spaces on each side of the rack bay. Thanks to the brand new adjustable Pull-out keyboard tray Enterprise Electric will be home for the biggest 88 key workstations on the market. Once the keyboard is in place, your keys will match piano height for the best playing experience. Pull your keyboard out when you need to play. Don't worry it goes smooth. Push it under the desk when you don't. Swivel speaker shelves can be easily moved left and right allowing you to find your perfect sweet spot. Shelves holders are designed to hold safely up to 16 kg (35 lbs) speakers. The comfortable padded armrest is available in 3 colors, Black, Wine Red, and Ferrari Red. Please check pictures in the gallery and select your preferred color during ordering. For additional colors please contact us. Cable management will hide your cables out from the site.

A white LED light stripe on the desk on both sides is an additional aesthetical detail serial to every desk giving you beautifully dimmed light in your studio, enhance your inspiration.

 Technical specs

  • Main desk
    Sides – Black High Gloss Piano finish
    Desk surface – Black matte finish
    Up to 5 U standard 19″ rack spaces
    Cable management under the desk
    Adjustable Electric desk platform with the controller to adjust desk height in between 70 - 120cm / 27.55" - 47.24"
    Interchangeable padded armrest
    Swivel speaker shelves
    Spacious monitor shelf
  • Dimensions W 1856/ D 935 H 1055/820 mm / 73.07" x D 36.81" x H 32.28" 
  • Minimum space in between Speaker shelves 1260 mm / 49" 
  • NOTE The desk is supplied with a standard EU plug in Europe and a USA plug in the USA. 
  • Keyboard Pull out tray
Corpus Black matte finish
Desk Surface Black matte finish
Adjustable in height
Mobility – Rectractable slides 
  • Dimensions W 1500 D 350 H 125/155 mm / W 59" x D 13.77" x H 4.92"/6.10"
  • Keyboard clearance in height from 125 -155 mm / 4.92" - 6.10"

Important- Please note that the weight balance on the front and back of the desk including the recommended weight of the gear is important to avoid the pendulum effect in the desk extended position. Should you not be able to balance it evenly, do not consider an in-height adjustable desk. If you are not sure, contact us for more info.  

Remark- if you planning to have 5 U rack spaces, we suggest you order optional Rack rails together with your desk order available in Accessories

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael V.Z (Wesseling, DE)

The Studio Desk electric is by far the best electric desk which money can buy. For more than one year I had been looking for a Studio Desk which suits my needs.
I found one or two comparable Studio Desks which can be used in different environments and are in good quality, but I never find one which is functional and at the same time good looking.
Studio Desk seems to me to be the only company which produces very high quality and good looking desks. The black color in piano look on the sides is a really high-quality finish.
For me it was important to have the Electric desk not only because it is healthy for my back even after working for a long time, but also because it is a whole new experience mixing and making beats on Maschine in standing mode.
In my opinion the electric desk is a must have in a modern studio.

The order was very easy and without any issues. I had the opportunity to contact Studio Desk anytime in Facebook messenger.
Just be aware of that the delivery is a big box ! So be sure to have at least two persons for carrying.
There are some details that I didn’t understand so I contacted Studio Desk and I got a friendly call which helped me a lot.

The Studio Desk electric can lift up to 200 kg in total. The table without the motorized legs weights 70 kg, so there are 130kg left for my equipment.
After making small changes I have my desk equipped with
LG 32 Widescreen, tow pegasus R4 8 TB external SSD, Mac Pro 6.1, komplete Kontrol 49, Maschine, tow Adam Audio S3V speakers,
UAD Apollo audio interface and Roland Fantom 8.
As I said, after small changes the desk is stable like a tank.
Thank you Studio Desk for making musicians‘ dreams come true.

F. Ruckert (Hochheim am Main, DE)
Great desk...but the assembly manual must be improved!

After 6 hours of construction work me desk is finally ready! It’s great and beautiful. I am really happy with it!
During the construction process I realized that some parts of the video are not detailed enough (screws that are used are not presented long enough to the viewer) and many shown desk parts in the video looked another way then the desk parts I received. This is why I had to improvise a few times...please dear studio desk team update the videos/manuals to make it easier for the customers!

Michael Hoelgaard Larsen (Vanlose, DK)
Perfect structure in the studio

I am very happy about my new Enterprise Electric and it has given a super structure in my studio and it also looks cool .

The assemble was not easy but I had help from a friend . We followed the video and read the manual but not all was the same and not always easy to see which screws should be used . So we used maybe 4 hours to assemble it . Also it was a bit strange with the electric contacts om the LED where we should put them together and then hope for the best as stated in the manual . But they lid up so no problem .

Also if the desk is at full hight and you bounce into it , it moves or vibrates a little . Ex you legs etc . But not much but i am not sure why as the desk is heavy . But maybe it is more heavy at the top so that it bounces and vibrates a little . Not a problem though just strange as it is placed on a straight carpet .

The electronic up and down is a litte slow but ok . The up \down button would be better if it was in the front of the table as it just take up space now .

But I am very happy with the desk and it seems strange but I am more productive now :)


Ana Lacmanovic Cucic (Zagreb, HR)
No armrest included in the shipment

Hello. I have began the assembly yesterday, and found that there was no armrest included. Please advise. Thank you.

Armrest has been sent as a separate package after the desk. You should receive it before the desk. Please let us know if you didn't. Sorry for inconvenience.
Studio Desk Team

Shaun Attwood (Lisburn, GB)
Good Product but could be so much better !

Overall not the ideal customer experience I wanted with the StudioDesk and my Enterprise Electric purchase. There were issues throughout the install. Most were handled by SD but they should not have happened on a high value product.
They were;
1.Why do you supply NON UK mains plugs for the motor controller and LEDs ...this should be a pre-requisite given Im in the UK and a 3 pin mains plug is the standard NOT the 2 pin EU type....given the cost of this unit I don't think thats an unreasonable request ?
2.Further comment after SD replied Im shocked that you suggest a convertor for the plug as I have purchased may items from the EU at a much lower - convertors are not necessarily BS approved in the UK ;-)
value and they all have come with UK 3 pin plugs. This level of attention to detail would make the buying experience so much better for the sake of maybe 5 - 6 Euro on a desk that costs 1600 Euro +
NOTE : I have since ordered the UK BS Approved leads at my expense as I do not want to run the risk of a convertor failing !

3. The install video is good but at times it would be useful to know what type of fixing is to be used ie hex bolt or cross head.... a little pop up note on the screen would add value to the installation video.
4. The black self adhesive wire clips for securing the dimmer cables were not in the kit as per install video
5. The keyboard securing strap was all stitched together and did not have the looped end as per install video. I had to unpick it and in doing so unpicked the loop
6. The velcro cable ties to secure the onboard LED light cables (secured through the rear slotted cable management mounting bracket) were not in the kit as per install video
7. The rack guides for the 3U rack in the desk did not allow my Focusrite Audio Interface to be mounted so I had to trim these down to ensure that the AI fitted corrected.
8. I had originally asked if my Fractal Audio FXIII would fit in the 3U space - I was told yes via a chat session. This is not the case - it simply won’t fit.
9. The controller that sets the height of the desk would appear to be 20 mm inaccurate. I set to 80.0 but the measurement from the top of the working surface to the floor is 78.0
10. When I removed the covering tape from the 2 end panels where the less are mounted lifted some of the silver “StudioDesk” lettering

Overall this has left a slightly sour taste in the mouth because this is a significant investment for me but there are issues that should not have happened.

Hello Shaun,
we would like to clear the facts and explain our side of the story based on your review.
So lets begin in the same fashion as you point it out.
1. UK Plug. You are right about this one. If you would tell us that you need it, we would order one on the Amazon with 24 hours delivery for you. Our main market is USA and Continental Europe country's where EU plug are standard and these are delivered accordingly. We believe having one of the best customer service in the industry and in our branch and if you would point it out we would order one on Amazon with overnight delivery for you.
2. As explained earlier. 1600 EUR is super fair price for the quality, design and finish we provide with our products. If you show picture of your desk to any local carpenter and ask him to give you an offer, you will realize that that you pay your desk 40% under the market value. Please don't compare Mercedes of the desk you own with Ikea prices. Studio Desk can't be compared material wise , design wise or quality wise to any low budget products on the market.
3. Point taken, thank you for suggestion. We will work on that.
4. Hope our team send you these afterwards. It may happen that it was not in stock at the moment of shipping and we didn't want your entire order to wait for this reason.
5. This has been recently changed. All you had to do is to go with Velcro belt under the metal bar. Much easier and more effective.
6. These are not part of the set and are sold separately this is the reason why you didn't receive them.
7. Our rack slots are designed based on the world standards. Unfortunately not every producer of the gear follow the same. Some of them using too thick side Ears material which preventing people to install their gear.
8. We are not able to give exact info for every gear on the market since we don't own them but as long gear producer follow the standards gear will be compatible with our rack slots.
9. Controller showing height from the floor. There is no way for the controller to know how thick is the main board placed on the top which plays the role here.
10. Technology for the stickers with the logo are taken from the Car industry means it is produced to handle even outdoors conditions. Really don't understand how this happens that one letter stays on the cover. Sorry to hear that. If you need another logo, let us know and we will make sure to deliver you one.
To wrap it all we are investing a lot of time and energy in perfecting our product and I would rather say that reviews like yours, showing us a complete dissatisfaction in despite all, makes all our efforts worthless. For some points you are right and we will do our best to perfect these, some of the points are mistakenly pointed out without knowing the facts. However, we appreciate your time and effort in this matter. I truly hope we did better to satisfy your expectations.
Danny Galich
Studio Desk

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