Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White - side
Commander V2 Full Set White - top
Commander V2 Full Set White - front
Commander V2 Full Set White - back
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White
Commander V2 Full Set White

Commander V2 Full Set White

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With its spacious design and thoughtful features, the Big Commander V2 Desk is engineered to enhance your workflow and productivity. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to seamless organization! Bundle set consisted of big Commander V2 desk, Keyboard stand, and the floor rack for up to 88 key workstations on a special reduced bundle price.

Studio workstation with a perfectly organized and optimized ergonomic space. The state-of-the-art innovative design and careful planning of this desk allow you to have your complete home studio set-up on small space. A successor of our first most popular desk get's even better. In Hight adjustable monitor shelf, an Interchangeable padded armrest, angled design, RGB LED serial lights combined with the aluminum aesthetic application on the sides give this desk stunning looks. These are just a few new features. The spacious central portion of the desk will accommodate quite big mixing consoles. Our keyboard stand will fit the biggest 88 key workstations on the market. Once the keyboard is in place, your keys will match piano height for best playing experience. Pull the keyboard stand out when you need to play. Push it under the desk when you don't. Additional rack space for up to 8 standard rack units is optional by adding a floor rack cabinet on casters. The comfortable interchangeable padded armrest is available in 4 colors, White, Black, Wine Red, and Ferrari Red. Please check the pictures in the gallery and select your preferred color. For additional colors please contact us.

Summed all together, this is the workstation that you’ll be proud to call your own!”

 With this set, we recommend ordering a set of cage nuts and screws

Technical specs
  • Main desk
    Corpus – Black High Gloss Piano finish
    Desk surface – White matte finish
    Angled design
    Interchangeable PU Leather padded armrest
    Adjustable monitor shelf in height (no need for desk disassembly).
    Cable management under the desk
    Adjustable legs tips
    RGB LED lights with remote control are included
Rack space - 4 U per side. Note that the construction of the desk has some Rack length limitation. Diagram can be found below in the gallery. 
    Dimensions W 2037/ D 981/702 H 1001 mm / 80.19" x D 38.62" x H 39.40"
    • Keyboard stand
      Corpus Black high Gloss piano finish
      Desk Surface White matte finish
      Mobility – high-end casters
    Dimensions W 1540 D 574 H 673 mm / W 60.62" x 22.59" x 26.49" 
    Maximum Keyboard clearance height is 150 mm / 5,90" when the keyboard stand is in position 1  and 175 mm / 6.88" in position 2. (Check pictures in the gallery). 

      • Floor Rack
        Corpus Black Matte finish
        Mobility – high-end casters
        Up to 8 U standard 19" rack space
        Drawer for accessories
      Dimensions W 550 D 490 H 665 mm / W 21.65" x D 19.29" x H 26.18"

      Is it hard to assemble this desk? No, it is not! We are guiding you with step by step video assembly manual. 

      Commander V2 Assembly Manual

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      James Daniel Rocco (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
      Commander V2 and V Towers

      Excellent quality very good service. Thank you.

      Neil (Amsterdam, NL)
      Music Commander V2: definitely a desk worth looking into if you’re in the market for a nice, effi...

      I’ve had some time now to work with this desk and I really love it and the company behind it. That started with the excellent customer service that gave very useful answers to the questions I had prior to ordering it.

      It took me a while though to decide to buy this desk. What finally persuaded me was that with the keyboard stand in it’s lowest setting I could fit my beloved Yamaha Montage 8 under the desk. This option could be better documented on the website (but I’m glad it exists). I’m about 1,8 meter (just under 6 feet) tall and my legs still fit under the desk. Though they touch the keyboard stand, but not in an unpleasant way.

      Ordering went smooth as well did my first experience with paying through PayPal. Receiving it was quite an experience. Everything arrived in a big lorry well and packed in a large (and I mean large) wooden crate. In the crate all the pieces where packed in carton boxes. Really professional and leaving nothing to chance. So needless to say that everything arrived in one piece. Funny side note: coming halve way across Europe it arrived earlier then the shoes my wife had ordered from a local webshop.

      Assembly is not difficult. Having a video instruction showing you how to do it worked really well for me. There was no need to look at the paper instructions at all. The video instruction for the rack cabinet needs an update though because it doesn’t address how to assemble the drawer. If you’ve ever assembled some furniture that should be no problem at all. All in all a very cleverly designed and well machined desk that’s worth it’s price tag. Of course it’s also nice to look at.

      What could also be better documented on the website is that the top 2 (of 4) rack spaces on either side have a limited depth (i.e 207 mm and 261 mm) due to a load bearing plank running right behind it. With some careful planning that was not a problem for me but a lot of gear won’t fit there. Be mindful of that before you order this desk. The bottom 2 spaces don’t have any depth restrictions. For my workflow I’ve added two extra cable inlays (with a USB 3.0 Hub). So I had to drill two 60 mm holes. The RGB lights are cool for impressing your clients, friends and kids but truth be told I hardly turn them on when I use the desk. But definitely nice to have and I would still have ordered them if they were not already included with this desk.

      For my home studio this was the first time in my life that I could fit all my gear properly within easy reach and have a correct speaker placement. That made quite a profound and positive impact on my workflow.
      The built quality of all the parts is excellent so I expect to enjoy this desk for many years to come.

      So in conclusion definitely a desk worth looking into if you’re in the market for a nice, efficient and good looking place to make your music.

      Jesús Jimenez Serrano (Tudela, ES)

      Materials, finished, designs.... ALL IS BRUTAL.
      The best purchase.
      Thanks to all team of StudioDesk !

      Sam Parkinson
      Commander V2

      We’re really pleased with the Commander V2. Looks and feels great, easy to put together and I’m glad Studiodesk have listened to previous reviews and included double sided adhesive tape to secure the Led strips. Cool piece of furniture. Thanks.

      Frank Gebhardt (Berikon, CH)
      Best desk to get in this price range

      The desk arrives in a huge wooden box and is very well protected. Assembly is easy, you can‘t do anything wrong. My audio/studio setup is not complete yet, and I did not have enough time to really test everything properly. All I can say for now is that I am extremely happy with the purchase! The desk looks super cool and my studio now really looks like one. The keyboard stand which can be snuggly moved underneath the desk is perfect. I have long legs and they fit under it very well. I can‘t wait to dig into long hour studio sessions now.

      One small caveat is the LED strips which came with it. They are self-adhesive and after only one week came off. Despite attaching them back again they just wouldn’t stay attached, so I got rid of them. No problem for me at all though.

      Thanks a lot to Dany and the team which was always patiently answering my questions. If you are looking for a really usable and cool looking desk, which is rock solidly built, zehn this is the one!

      Thanks for Your Review Frank. We really appreciate any of your review guys. One tip concerning LED lights. It is essential to clean surface before sticking self adhesive LED strip. They give really special spark. Use any strong glue to stick them on place. It is pity not to have them. Enjoy your desk to the fullest! StudioDesk Team

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