PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White
PRO LINE Classic Desk White

PRO LINE Classic Desk White

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Including PRO-line desk into your professional studio bringing your work and production business to another level. PRO LINE desk will be a new fabulous centerpiece of your control room bringing your studio to the professional edge.


Our Pro Line Series is made to suit the needs of professional computer-based studios. Dual rack slots on either side are perfectly angled towards you, giving easy access to all mounted equipment. Our rack mounts are capable of holding up to 10 standard 19″ rack units. The desk can be upgraded with an additional 20 U rack spaces on request. The spacious monitor shelf can be adjusted to 4 different levels, bringing your screens to a preferable height. With an impressive length of 1466 mm, it can easily accommodate the biggest monitors on the market (tests have shown that a 50″ screen will fit).
Our central desk surface is a step above other workspaces. It is equipped with a padded armrest that spans the entire front edge of the desk. Should you need to level your console, check our PRO-LINE M model with the integrated leveling system. The cable management compartment (located under the desk) will keep cables organized and hidden from sight. Our cable management system also leaves enough room for easy cable flow from your rack units back into your mixer. Lastly, we produced the desk to be ergonomic. The desk sits at an ideal height of 74 cm.
The Pro-Line is a robust desk made to last for decades in all aspects, constructional and aesthetic. 


Technical specs
  • Corpus Legs made from MDF 38mm, lacquered in high-gloss piano finish
  • Desk surface made from MDF 25 mm, lacquered in a matte finish
  • Space for 10U standard 19″ rack gear
  • An additional 20 U rack space can be added to the desk in between legs below (on request).
  • Height-adjustable monitor shelf  in 4 levels
  • Spacious and perfectly angled speaker shelves
  • Spacious Cable management under the desk
  • Padded armrest with PU leather along whole desk line
  • Adjustable legs tips for uneven floors
  • Easy to assemble
  • General dimensions W 2600 x D 1032 H 945 mm / W 102.00" x D 40.62" x H 37.20" 
  • Note: Cable management is transferred under the top shelf. Some pictures showing old cable management. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 93 reviews
    Awesome Desk

    It was a very difficult decision choosing a desk. I looked into a lot of desk companies and even considered having a custom-made desk. I ended up choosing the Pro Line Classic SL for its sleek design, color and size. It matched the design of our new studio and had everything we were looking for in a desk. The quality of the materials and the build exceeded my expectations and I'm so happy with the way it turned out. We ended up adding a few slim drawers underneath the left and right sides so we can keep the desk clutter-free. Thank you, StudioDesk!

    WoW Patrick! You've made us proud. Great job!
    StudioDesk team


    This desk is a dream come true. Thank you for making it so beautiful Studio Desk. Perfect for creating Magic!

    Good desk (maybe), Slow Customer Service

    The desk looks great (maybe).... but I have yet to fully build it. They sent the wrong parts.

    I can't fully build it because Studiodesk sent the wrong parts. I would assume since I bought 2 of the desks, they would speed up the process in getting us correct part fast, but its been 4 days since I let them know and they still have not even shipped out the correct part. I'm so behind on opening up the studio now because of this.

    They still did not ship out the correct part....... All they did do was send out the shipping label for me to ship the wrong part back to them.

    Please send me my package before collecting the wrong part you sent.

    We are doing our best to fix this mistake made by warehouse ASAP. This shouldn't ever happen and we aware that no appology can't be enough. Parts will be delivered tommorow according to the Tracking.


    I wanted the PRO LINE SL Desk all Blackdesk . I ordered the desk, the swivel speaker stands and the extra under desk racks because the website indicated they were all available for this desk in black. and it arrived without the $400.00 plus speaker swivel stands to mount to the left and right side top of the desk. I called the company and was initially told the girl that oversees this process was supposed to call me to say you can't get the speakers stands --- do you still want the desk ? She did not call. I had many calls trying reconcile this issue and was told that I couldn't get those stands because they were only available in Europe but that they would send them to me next month ??? At that point I had all the parts open and reviewed instructions and realized that to incorporate the stands that I was to receive the next month I couldn't put the desk together now and would have to wait to receive the stands, I had my entire studio pulled apart and my living room was full of equipment. (28 pieces of outboard gear) But then my biggest surprise happened, upon closer inspection of the desk I was sent I realized that there were no holes for the speaker braces I was going to wait a month to get. This was the last straw for me, I called the company told them to cancel the speaker stands and refund my account asap, which they did. I am still working through this process to get the (correct for me) setup for my monitors/speakers in place. Don't get me wrong the desk is a wonderful piece of equipment and very well built, but it isn't the desk I ordered or was shown on the website and I am the only one still dealing with this problem since January of 2021. I have received 3 different requests to respond to this survey and finally decided to clear the air. Studio Desk makes a wonderful product, I have nothing bad to say about that, But I planned for this desk for three months and because I was told some guy in Europe made a special request for those stands the website was changed to indicate they were available to customers in the USA when they were not! I knew right where I wanted my new monitors to sit and because of this I haven't been able to realize this and therefore haven't been able to really enjoy the desk. If this woman had called me and let me know I couldn't get the speaker stands that mount on top of the desk I would have chosen the other desk that has flat shelves for monitor placement on each side, but she never informed me with a phone call. this desk cost over $3,000.00 and it isn't the desk I should have received because of a phone call that didn't come.

    You've been heard. We are trully sorry for missunderstanding and confusion. Ordering item which is out from stock in the USA is always a problem especialy in Corona situation when shipping fall appart all arround the world. Trying to solve this problem in your favor. You'll hear from our customers care personel.
    Swivel shelves are new addition to PRO LINE SL series. It appears that you received the desk from the previous series when this option was not offered. We will do our best to make things work for you.

    Beautiful Desk!

    The pictures don't even do it justice!! This is a statement piece for your studio and is incredibly functional as it is beautiful.

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