Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black
Enterprise Electric set All Black

Enterprise Electric set All Black

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Bundle set consisted of Enterprise Electric desk and Keyboard pull-out option for up to 88 keys workstation on special bundle price.

Enterprise Electric Series

Enterprise Electric is our second Sit & Stand workstation. Enterprise Electric is the same as our Classic Enterprise desk sitting on the electric adjustable platform. Your complete studio is organized around this optimized ergonomic space. With this workstation, the decision, if you are going to sit or stand this day, is a matter of the push on the button. Find the best height for you no matter your posture. This Brand new state-of-the-art design and it's features bring a new shine to your studio.  Centered Rack space with 3U rack bay is always within your reach. There are additional 1U rack spaces on each side of the rack bay. Thanks to the brand new adjustable Pull-out keyboard tray Enterprise Electric will be home for the biggest 88 key workstations on the market. Once the keyboard is in place, your keys will match piano height for the best playing experience. Pull your keyboard out when you need to play. Don't worry it goes smooth. Push it under the desk when you don't. Swivel speaker shelves can be easily moved left and right allowing you to find your perfect sweet spot. Shelves holders are designed to hold safely up to 16 kg (35 lbs) speakers. The comfortable padded armrest is available in 3 colors, Black, Wine Red, and Ferrari Red. Please check pictures in the gallery and select your preferred color during ordering. For additional colors please contact us. Cable management will hide your cables out from the site.

A white LED light stripe on the desk on both sides is an additional aesthetical detail serial to every desk giving you beautifully dimmed light in your studio, enhance your inspiration.

 Technical specs

  • Main desk
    Sides – Black High Gloss Piano finish
    Desk surface – Black matte finish
    Up to 5 U standard 19″ rack spaces
    Cable management under the desk
    Adjustable Electric desk platform with the controller to adjust desk height in between 70 - 120cm / 27.55" - 47.24"
    Interchangeable padded armrest
    Swivel speaker shelves
    Spacious monitor shelf
  • Dimensions W 1856/ D 935 H 1055/820 mm / 73.07" x D 36.81" x H 32.28" 
  • Minimum space in between Speaker shelves 1260 mm / 49" 
  • NOTE The desk is supplied with a standard EU plug in Europe and a USA plug in the USA. 
  • Keyboard Pull out tray
Corpus Black matte finish
Desk Surface Black matte finish
Adjustable in height
Mobility – Rectractable slides 
  • Dimensions W 1500 D 350 H 125/155 mm / W 59" x D 13.77" x H 4.92"/6.10"
  • Keyboard clearance in height from 125 -155 mm / 4.92" - 6.10"

Important- Please note that the weight balance on the front and back of the desk including the recommended weight of the gear is important to avoid the pendulum effect in the desk extended position. Should you not be able to balance it evenly, do not consider an in-height adjustable desk. If you are not sure, contact us for more info.  

Remark- if you planning to have 5 U rack spaces, we suggest you order optional Rack rails together with your desk order available in Accessories

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great solid Desk

I am very pleased with the Enterprise Electric all black desk. It is well thought out and very solid. The motorized legs work well. It's a beautiful piece of furniture and very functional for me with the pull out keyboard tray. I was thankful for the You Tube assembly video as it took the guess work out of putting it together. The desk was well packaged and arrived in a timely manner (to Canada) I had ordered the wine burgundy arm rest, but the desk arrived with the black. The only other minor issue was the retaining strap for the the pull out keyboard tray was not included. I used a piece of strapping I had, which worked fine. All in all well done. I look forward to many years of use and enjoyment.

Great Desk

I am very impressed with the desk and would gladly recommend it to anyone. I spent months researching studio desks, and StudioDesk has the best desks for sure. Be aware that you may have to wait a little before getting it, due to their process of building and shipping certain models at a time. I knew I'd have to wait but was glad to order and wait a couple months for the best product. I couldn't find any other company that matched StudioDesk in terms of quality and reputation.

Building the desk was a large effort and it comes in a huge crate. Build it in the room you want it in, because it probably can't be moved through normal sized doors after that. It is a monster, and very solid. I had to cut out a couple notches from the back in order to fit a mount for my large TV monitor because I wanted the monitor secured, but the shelf will easily support a very large monitor on top. The build process was tough, but no problems aside from a few missing screws and a couple outdated spots in the instructional video. At the end of the process I had a monster of a desk that looks and works really well.

Be aware that the 1U rack mounts for the sides are add-ons, so be sure to specify if you want those. The desk has a deep profile and raises up pretty high with the motor. The lights on it are super bright and vivid, I was shocked at how good they looked. The customer service was also great. I got prompt responses to all my questions. My only small concern would be that the depth of the pullout keyboard shelf seems a bit short. I'd recommend using a controller keyboard or a synth that doesn't have a deep profile in the shelf.

Overall I strongly recommend the Enterprise Electric desk. It looks better and is more functional than any other similar desk I could find in my searching. The interactions I had with the representatives made me feel like they are good people who stand behind their products. Top-quality desk, highly recommended.

Your satifaction is our mission. Thanks for your review. Enjoy your desk to the max for many years to come.
Studio Desk Team

The Perfect Ergonomic Producer Desk

At the time of writing this review, I have been using the desk now for several weeks and used it for many sessions and I have to say, it has exceeded all of my expectations for a studio desk.

From the moment it arrived in the crate (like other reviewers have mentioned, it is extremely heavy and is not trivial in size), it was like a dream come true after patiently waiting a few months. Assembly of the desk definitely requires at least two people, and took about 3-4 hours from unpacking the crate to final assembly. I would HIGHLY recommend watching the assembly video in its entirety before assembling the desk, then follow the assembly video as you build your desk. There are parts of the assembly process you need to pay extra attention to, for example there are holes for pegs that you should NOT be placing pegs into (I made this mistake when assembling mine) and you want to make sure you are using the correct screws in the correct places. My only other note is that you will have a tough time assembling the top shelf to the desk as it has such a small clearance and I was barely able to squeeze my hand into the gap to tighten the screws. If you purchase this desk, you will understand.

Let's talk about the desk now... WOW it's amazing. First, the option to stand while working has been a game changer in my workflow. It is nice to be able to stand and take a break from sitting down for long working sessions, and it keeps me feeling fresh. The surface of the desk feels like it is coated in "chemistry lab table" finish if you are familiar with what I mean. It has a very durable and matte finish. Granted, it does get finger prints on, but those easily wipe off with a cloth (and it encourages me to keep the desktop clean haha). The arm-rest is incredible. It adds this layer of comfort while you are working that I would not want to work without. My old desk had no arm-rest and this really is a nice touch. The leather feels nice as well.

The LED lights really set the mood. I also received the RGB LED light package that is different from the white version in the videos, and it is super cool! It has a ton of different modes and colors you can choose from. The LEDs are powerful (dimmable too) and really illuminate the walls to create a great atmosphere.

The Keyboard tray is also great! It is super sturdy and is a great place to put guitar effect pedals, midi controllers, or a full sized workstation keyboard. I personally use it with my small pedal board and it is nice to have those within arms reach instead of on the desk or on the floor. I also love the cable management ports as they really keep things tidy. The keyboard tray also locks in position so it does not slide in and out when in use.

I have yet to mount anything into my rack or in the desk rack rails, but they are solid and add a ton of expandability (full disclosure is that the small 1U rack rails did NOT come with the desk, and you'll want to add those to your order if you would like them). I personally like not having the side 1U rack parts there so I can route cables to my interface through the sides.

The monitor stands are fantastic and hold my CLA-10s (NS-10s Clone) very well and I can easily swivel them and position them to the perfect angle. They also sit at a very comfortable height for listening (it's almost like they measured and thought of this!).

One other thing is that you may want to consider a clamp on monitor stand if your monitor has very deep legs like mine does, as the space behind the in-desk rack is not very deep. This isn't a problem, just something to consider!

In conclusion, I would recommend this desk to anyone looking to make a serious lifetime studio desk purchase. This thing is solid in every way, and I love the look and feel of it. It's going to be around in my home studio for a very, very long time. StudioDesk has also been excellent with communication and handling of my order and I will certainly recommend them and be a future customer as well!

TLDR: Buy the desk, you won't regret it!


The Studio Desk electric is by far the best electric desk which money can buy. For more than one year I had been looking for a Studio Desk which suits my needs.
I found one or two comparable Studio Desks which can be used in different environments and are in good quality, but I never find one which is functional and at the same time good looking.
Studio Desk seems to me to be the only company which produces very high quality and good looking desks. The black color in piano look on the sides is a really high-quality finish.
For me it was important to have the Electric desk not only because it is healthy for my back even after working for a long time, but also because it is a whole new experience mixing and making beats on Maschine in standing mode.
In my opinion the electric desk is a must have in a modern studio.

The order was very easy and without any issues. I had the opportunity to contact Studio Desk anytime in Facebook messenger.
Just be aware of that the delivery is a big box ! So be sure to have at least two persons for carrying.
There are some details that I didn’t understand so I contacted Studio Desk and I got a friendly call which helped me a lot.

The Studio Desk electric can lift up to 200 kg in total. The table without the motorized legs weights 70 kg, so there are 130kg left for my equipment.
After making small changes I have my desk equipped with
LG 32 Widescreen, tow pegasus R4 8 TB external SSD, Mac Pro 6.1, komplete Kontrol 49, Maschine, tow Adam Audio S3V speakers,
UAD Apollo audio interface and Roland Fantom 8.
As I said, after small changes the desk is stable like a tank.
Thank you Studio Desk for making musicians‘ dreams come true.

Excellent Product

Overall I am very happy with the Enterprise Electric set All Black. I had to wait several months to receive the product because of demand and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was worth the wait. The product is built in Slovenia, it is packaged there and sent to the US where I live for continued distribution. It is shipped in a large single wood container which is delivered on a palette. The communications process during delivery was good, the company that delivered the package to my house called ahead of time to confirm. The large wood box was easy to open, I unpacked the contents and laid them out where I want the desk to be located. I liked that each component was inspected before putting it into the crate which is confirmed with a quality checklist that is signed off by the inspector. The contents included partial written instructions, and partial instructions are online in the form of a video. Both the written instructions and video instructions were dated, this was a common compliant I was aware of before buying the unit. However, enough material was provided to figure it out. The most confusing thing perhaps was we thought we were missing a light strip which we were not and hooking up the electrical components. I hired professional assemblers to assemble this, there was a team of four people that came in and out at various parts of the process to help with lifting and assembling. I assisted as well with the planning and interpretation of the instructions. This is definitely not a project that can be done by yourself, and even the professionals had to request backup support several times. The desk is very heavy and sturdy which is a good thing, but generally it cannot be moved around once it is placed. It is also too big to move out of my studio, so I suppose it is permanent at this point unless I take the unit apart which does not appear to be straight forward.

Having said all of that, now that it is assembled and functional, it is a great desk. The dimensions fit my Komplete 88-key keyboard and rack gear, speakers, large monitor, computer keyboard, mouse, and Cubase control surface. My previous setup showed off tons of equipment which ended up being a cluttered mess and annoying to setup and use. Now with a fully digital setup, this new desk converts that setup into a minimal amount of gear with no clutter. It is an odd feeling to do more with less, but the setup will help me to be more productive. The electric feature to lift and lower the desk works very well, it displays the height in cm the desk is positioned at. It sufficiently goes high and low enough and can extend more in either direction if needed. It includes lights on the side which are controlled with a dimmer switch. Overall I am very happy with it and recommend it.

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