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Enterprise desk
Enterprise desk
Enterprise Set All Black
Enterprise Set All Black
Enterprise Set All Black
Enterprise Set All Black
Enterprise Set All Black
Enterprise Set All Black
Enterprise Set All Black
Enterprise Set All Black
Enterprise Set All Black
Enterprise Set All Black
Enterprise Set All Black

Enterprise Set All Black

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Bundle set consisted of Enterprise desk and Keyboard stand for up to 88 keys workstation on special reduced bundle price.

Enterprise desk

Organize your complete studio workstation on this perfectly optimized ergonomic space. A brand new state-of-the-art design brings a new shine to your studio. Careful planning of this desk allows you to have your complete studio set-up in a very limited space. Centered Rack space with 3U rack bay is always within your reach. There are additional 1U rack spaces on each side of the rack bay. The keyboard stand will fit the biggest up to 15 cm in height, 88 key workstations on the market. Once the keyboard is in place, your keys will match piano height for best playing experience. Keyboard stand on casters is high enough to provide you comfortable leg space. Pull the keyboard stand out when you need to play. Don't worry it is on casters. Push it under the desk when you don't. Swivel speaker shelves can be easily moved left and right allowing you to find your perfect sweet spot. Shelves holders are designed to hold safely up to 16 kg (35 lbs) speakers. The comfortable padded armrest is available in 3 colors, Black, Wine Red, and Ferrari Red. Please check pictures in the gallery and leave remark during checkout. For additional colors please contact us. Cable management will hide your cables out from the site. Additional rack space for up to 8 standard rack units is optional by adding a floor rack cabinet on casters.

 Technical specs

  • Main desk
    Corpus – Black High Gloss Piano finish
    Desk surface – Black matte finish
    Up to 5 U standard 19″ rack spaces
    Cable management under the desk
    Adjustable legs tips
    Padded armrest
    Swivel speaker shelves
    Spacious monitor shelf
  • Dimensions W 1856/ D 935 H 1055/820 mm / 73.07" x D 36.81" x H 32.28" 
  • Minimum space in between Speaker shelves 1260 mm / 49" 
  • Keyboard stand
Corpus Black high Gloss piano finish
Desk Surface Black matte finish
Mobility – high-end casters Safe load - 40 kg
  • Dimensions W 1566/1490 D 574 H 673/639 mm / W 61.65"/58.66" x D 22.59" x H 26.49"/25.15"
  • Maximum Keyboard clearance height is 150 mm / 5,90" when the keyboard stand is in position 1  and 175 mm / 6.88" in position 2. (Check pictures in the gallery).


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
The Desk Is Awesomesauce But The Experience was HORRIBLE
Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear about your bad experience even though we tried our best to provide the answers and solutions for you. We gave you an estimated date of shipping and we did ship the desk at that time so there was no delay. On our end, the Complete order means, we shipped it out from our warehouse. We answered your email and told you your desk was on the way and provided a tracking number. I really don't understand what we did wrong here. I answered your emails personally. If you send some other emails or messages somewhere else, please let us know where, because apparently, it was not the right address. Regarding the issues with delivery that you addressed, we are really sorry but this is the shipper's part. We can sincerely apologize and take your complaint into consideration and let the shipper know about this. But unfortunately, this part of the process is not in our hands, but in the shipper's hands. All the hardware parts are listed in the PDF manual (we sent you a link to the manuals). In case something was missing, you could inform us right away and we would send you the missing parts or refund you the costs that you had with it, as we always do. As we shipped your desk in time, answered your phone call and your emails, we are really sorry that you feel this way. When problems are addressed, we always try to solve them in the best way for the customer. We have lots of satisfied customers all around the world and we are sorry that we didn't meet your expectations. Wishing you a lot of success! Best regards, Ziva Krajnc Customers Care
What a great desk ! and service !

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