Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black - side
Dominator Set All Black - top
Dominator Set All Black - front
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Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black
Dominator Set All Black

Dominator Set All Black

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Flagship desk with features no other desk offers on the market.  Set consisted of big Dominator desk and adjustable Keyboard stand for up to 88 keys workstation on special reduced bundle price.

Creative mood leans on a creative surrounding. Our New Dominator Series is a marriage of innovative futuristic design and carefuly planned works space with futures no other desk provides on the market today. Let's mention just a few of them. 

Space efficiency

Having complete Professional studio gear installed on one desk taking just 2 Square meters was never available until now. Having 88 keys workstation under the desk saves desk space and sets your keys on the PIano Height. The keyboard stand is adjustable in height in two positions and on casters so you can move it around in case you want to give access to another keyboard player. Twelve U Rack spaces on the desk are available. The majority of them are always within reach of your hand so you'll never have to go out from the sweet spot while tweaking your mix. 


Monitor shelf is lowered putting your screen at an ideal height. An interchangeable padded armrest through almost the entire front desk line is a comfortable place for your hands. Angled top shelf puts you in the sweet spot. It is large enough even for two pairs of speakers. Big desk space gives you enough room for all the gear you might need in your working process. 

RGB LED lighting

RGB LED comes Serial with this desk. Lights not only lights on our equipment. Lights are also there to put us into a different mood. Lights strips are incorporated inside the board. The main rack central slot is enlightened. Ambient lighting on the back of the desk creates a nice reflection mood on the walls behind the desk. Another LED strip lightens on your keyboard stand. A special Lighting feature is incorporated on the sides of the desk. The entire RGB Led light system is controlled with Remote control allowing you to choose different colors within the RGB spectrum and a dozen special lighting programs. 

Quality and Design

The quality and aesthetics are something we invest a lot of work and care into. The beauty is in the details. Dominator Series is a pure example of this philosophy. The top shelf ends with high glossy spoilers giving this desk look like a sports car. The high glossy Piano lacquer sides of the desk polished to the mirror reflection look super exclusive. Satin-matte lacquer on the desk surfaces feels incredible.

Custom feel

Should you want to have a padded Armrest in a different color, it can be ordered separately. It is available in 4 colors, Black Wine red, Ferrari Red, and White. For additional colors please contact us. Sharp lines, Shiny Logo, Carved logo on the wood, cable management, ability to add USB 3.0 Hub. A cable tray for this desk can be incorporated. Additional Rack space can be added underneath the Keyboard stand.  

Summed all together, having Dominator in your arsenal is not just prestige. It is a way of life, a way of creating, a way of being organized. This workstation is something everybody will ask you about. It is a first sign to your visitors that they came to the right hands. Dominator is here to Dominate!  

Technical specs
  • Main desk
    Corpus – Black High Gloss Piano finish
    Desk surface – Black satin-matte finish
  • Angled design 
  • Interchangeable PU Leather padded armrest
  • Cable management under the desk
  • Adjustable legs tips
  • RGB LED lights with remote control are included 
  • Rack space - 8 U per central rack bay and 2 U per side under the Monitor shelf. Totals with 12 U rack spaces. Note that the construction of the desk has some Rack length limitations. Diagram can be found below in the gallery. 
General Dimensions W 1989/ D 1114 H 1075 mm / W65.78" x D 43.85" x H 42.32"
  • Keyboard stand
    Corpus Black high Gloss piano finish
    Desk Surface Black matte finish
    Mobility – high-end caster

 *Some colors on the pictures may vary from the described model.


Dimensions W 1540 D 574 H 673 mm / W 60.62" x 22.59" x 26.49" 
Maximum Keyboard clearance height is 150 mm / 5,90" when the keyboard stand is in position 1  and 175 mm / 6.88" in position 2. (Check pictures in the gallery).

Is it hard to assemble this desk? No, it is not! We are guiding you with step by step video assembly manual.

Dominator Assembly Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sarah Hearn (Bury St Edmunds, GB)
Amazing Quality - Superb Desk!!!

Having searched absolutely everywhere in the UK for a really good quality Studio Desk, it transpired there was nothing of this standard available.
I was apprehensive about ordering something of such value from a company I had never used before and certainly without the ability to see it in the flesh first. But I'm so glad I took the chance! I did have quite a bit of back and forth on email with the customer service team to check that my 14 channel Behringer Mixer would fit into the very useful rack mount section in the middle of this desk. To my absolute joy it fits like a dream and feels like it was made just for me!
Such superb workmanship and the beauty of it is unparalleled.
If I could nit pick on just one thing, which I do feel is a real shame and lets it down somewhat, is that the 'Studio Desk' Logo/Sticker words on the Z shape legs of the desk should be measured accurately and stuck on in exactly the same place on both sides. On mine, the logo is closer to the bottom and front on one leg and stuck on straight, however on the other side it is slightly higher up & further back but not stuck on level. Minor detail, but something that you would expect to be A-perfect on something this expensive!
That said, this desk has given me so much pleasure in the year since I purchased it. I also bought it with the keyboard stand that tucks nicely underneath and gives my Yamaha Genos a great place to live where it is safe and away from dust.
This desk is the perfect accompaniment to any Studio and looks so professional it will light up your life every time you look at it.
It's been like a dream come true for me. Well done Studio Desk! If only there were Showrooms for these desks in the UK. I reckon you would be selling them like hot cakes!

Rudi Willems (Hove, BE)
Perfect quality en service!

Excellent quality of material (also supper packed) and smooth service. My Led controller of my new Dominator desk was defective (after installing and testing it) It did not give a blue light. They immediately sent a new controller. She also replies quickly. Such companies with smooth service and quality should be more because there are too few ;-)

Thank you very much Rudi!

FOKHRUL ISLAM (Manchester, GB)

Excellent service, faultless service and product. Extremely easy to put together and the desk just looks amazing.

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