Beat Desk White
Beat Desk White
Beat Desk White
Beat Desk White
Beat Desk White
Beat Desk White
Beat Desk White
Beat Desk White

Beat Desk White

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The compact and versatile desk provides just enough space to accommodate up to 61 key keyboards on a pull-out shelf and up to 4 U 19″  standard rack gear. The desk can easily be transformed from your home studio to an everyday desk.

Beat desk

The Beat was built to be the ideal home studio workstation, using perfectly optimized, ergonomic space. This brand new sleek design follows our known detail to aesthetics. This version of the Beat is carefully planned to match the workflow of home recording producers or hobbyists. This optimized workspace gives you the ability to install up to 4 rack units that are easily within reach during production.  The pull-out keyboard tray will hold a 61 key keyboard or controller (up to 15 kg), giving you enough leg space under the tray. Its pull-out tray can be pulled out up to 27 cm. If this is not enough, the main board of the desk can be pushed inward, opening your keyboard and positioning you closer to your screen or laptop. The Beat’s spacious top shelves are angled towards you to ensure that you are in the sweet spot. The space on the top shelves is big enough to accommodate two 24″ screens. To give your desk a look of extreme elegance and easy maintenance, we close the design out with black tempered glass and an imprinted white Beat logo.


Technical specs
  • Solid build from MDF board
  • Legs made from 38 mm MDF,  lacquered with high-gloss piano finish
  • Desk boards made from 25 mm MDF, lacquered with a matte finish
  • 4 U standard 19″ rack space
  • Spacious and angled top shelf’s for audio monitors
  • Pull out keyboard tray for 61 key keyboard
  • Push in main desk board with accent 4 mm tempered glass
  • Spacious cable management under the desk
  • Adjustable desk tips for uneven floors
  • Maximum keyboard size: W1070 x D350 x H103 mm / W42.12" x D13.77" x H4.05"
  • Piano Height for keyboard
  • Easy to assemble
  • General dimensions L 1646 x H 905 x D 817 / W64.80" x H35.62" x D 32.16" 
*Pictures may vary in color. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    Pretty nice desk, sloppy packaging

    The sideparts are slipping back and forth inside the carton. In my case one of the cartons was not taped careful. By lifting up the carton the sidepart slipped inside and breaks out through the carton and hit the ground. Now threre is a heavy dong in this sidepart. All the customerservice can do, is sending a repair-kit. i´m still waiting for it...
    So i give three stars for the desk and substract one, because i´m pissed off.

    Stunningly simple and elegant design with ample real estate and functionality

    I've had my eye on this desk for quite some time and am very satisfied with my decision to purchase it. Ordering was simple and the customer service when the delivery was to be set up was great. it is designed exceptionally well with a solid build and an attractive finish on the wood with the sexiness of the embroidered glass. There is plenty of room for my two monitors screens, speakers, keyboard, and other accessories. The size is just right, not too big for an office/living room and not too small for a basement which is were my studio is located. However, the actual delivery is on a pallet in a very large crate. I would highly recommend having assistance. I was fortunate that the driver was kind enough to drop it right at the basement door so I was able to unpack and bring in all the pieces from just a few feet. I would also recommend having a second person assist with putting the desk together. There is a youtube guide to putting the desk together which is easier than the pamphlet provided but some pieces had real weight on them and have another set of hands would be highly encouraged. The desk pieces also do not come with lettered or numbered stickers on them which I always prefer when building something so I know for a fact that I have all the necessary pieces and am attaching the right ones. Overall I Grade this desk, customer service and purchase with a sold "A". If you're looking to upgrade your studio with a functional and stylish desk for a very reasonable price than this is it

    Great desk

    High quality build, nice finish and materials. Pretty easy to put together. Shopped for a few months before going with this desk. Very satisfied..

    0 score

    Table is nice, Very poor customer service. Had me take 600 pounds wood upstairs my self with no help after i paid for shipping and all.

    Sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with our service, however we are specialised in producing premium furniture and has nothing to do with shippers. However we do care how the desk is delivered. For this reason the desk comes crated for maximum protection. This is essential for the safe delivery. Once you open the crate, boxes inside are small and can be carried easily. 
    Shippers are not obliged to deliver your order inside your building or apartment especially in a Pandemic situation, which is clearly indicated here.
    Just a short reminder, Shipping is free for all orders over 1600$ so you didn't have to pay for it.
    StudioDesk Team

    Stunning Desk

    We purchased the Beat Limited Edition desk with the LED pack. It’s gorgeous, well constructed, easy to build and has exceeded our expectations.

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