StudioDesk Memory Controller for Electric platform
Memory Controller for Electric platform
Memory Controller for Electric platform

Memory Controller for Electric platform

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The memory controller is optional with some StudioDesk models. 

Memory controller gives you the ability to store 4 memory heights and level your desk to the stored height with one touch of the button. 

Technical specs

Material: Plastic 
Inputs and outputs: Connecting to the control box of the desk
Installation to the desk. With screws for the wood or using double-sided tape
Will have to look where to install the controller to be properly on the reach of your hand. 
Number of memory slots: 4 
Display: Showing current height and other operational information
Product compatible with - Orbit Series, Enterprise Electric Series, Valor Series, Xtreme Series (included). 

General Dimensions: W 148mm H 33mm / W "5.82  H "1.29  

This is an Upgrade price. If you order it along with the desk, the original controller will be replaced with this one.  
Please plan where you are going to install the controller prior to ordering. In some instances, you will have to disassemble the desk to install a controller with screws. In this case, we would recommend installing using double side adhesive tape. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

It was old and scratched… looked like it was used

Dennis Kopacz (Berlin, DE)
Never without

I love to switch presets between sitting, standing, leaning and hanging at the desk 😄 I use the memory locations several times a day.

sean hodgson (Southfield, US)

Memory Controller for Electric platform

Dietrich R. (Hanover, DE)
A good upgrade for Enterprise Electric

It replaces the controller that is placed on the desktop, so I can change the height more comfortable. Also, the four memory slots help me that I get not distracted.

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